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## NUMBER STORIES!!!!!!! ##

Ok. Number stories are like ABC stories. You use classifiers in the handshapes of numbers and tell a story. I'm cheating a little bit here because I found such a lovely story about how when she was a little girl Terrylene learned about number stories.

Her Story

And the story she signed that day!

And here is my own Number story!
Joy Ride

  • 1 – Self walking.
  • 2 – Looking something I want up and down
  • 3 – The motorcycle.
  • 4 – Wind in my hair.
  • 5 – Want.
  • 6 – Fingers tentatively on handles.
  • 7 – More fingers. Excited.
  • 8 – Yet more fingers. I like it.
  • 9 – Wide eyes making sure no one is watching.
  • 10 – Handle bars. Thumbs up.
  • 10 – Handle bars. HELP HELP!
  • 9 – People watching me pass. Big eyes.
  • 8 – People who see me think I’m awful.
  • 7 – People who see me watch eagerly.
  • 6 – I finally get it to stop.
  • 5 – I let go. Say a nervous hello. Say I’m fine.
  • 4 – My heart is fluttering.
  • 3 – The motorcycle. I get off it.
  • 2 – I notice people looking at me. Judging me.
  • 1 – I walk away embarrassed and abashed.


Football Game


Sad Story (About a car crash)

That's it for Number stories. They're a lot of fun and NOT easier than ABC stories, even though they might seem that way at first. Many got from 0-10 or 1-10 but you can take them as far as you want. And back again if you want. Try it out, have fun!


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Sep. 26th, 2011 07:14 pm (UTC)
Thought I would comment and say neat theme, did you make it for yourself? It’s really awesome!
Sep. 26th, 2011 07:47 pm (UTC)
This was actually part of a project for my ASL Certification.

I had a great time making it.
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